Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Do you know...?

Do you know that actually you can compost dog poop? So, my hubby created one on our property.

-Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it is a simple, natural, and inexpensive option for use as a nutrient-rich and surprisingly odor-free fertilizer that plants/flowers love.-

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Rosegate Affiliates - Will proceed to the Fur-babies

   Rosegate has partnered up with some affiliates and all benefits will go to the support and spoiling of the Fur-babies.  

   We at Rosegate are always looking for fun, creative, or mutually beneficial ways to keep the fur babies supplied and even spoiled. 

We will attempt to utilize affiliate services and it may be a good partnership. You get, we get so to speak. It is new territory for us and please be patient as we stumble through this endeavor

     You may need or want something we have to offer... Every sale we make from the links/banners will proceed to Rosegate Furever Home. We are trying to offer travel, car rentals, hotels, Airbnb pet foods, pet supplements, kitchen needs, beauty, health, wellness, etc... Remember, you have to use our links/banners to support our cause.

Please check us often for new offers and sales.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

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Coffee and Tea

A personal experience with Fresh Roasted Coffee. I ONLY have these refreshing coffee in the last 3 years but LOVE them. And if you purchase any coffee or tea from these banners, Rosegate will get:
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Events, Training, Tickets, etc...

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Everything Else... 


Thursday, March 10, 2022

Pet Wellbeing Recommendation - Holistic Medine for Pets


     We are a small 501(3)c nonprofit organization (Rosegate Furever Home), located in Minnesota where we take care of special needs dogs and cats of all ages. They are part of our family and live in our home with us. 

     The first time we started using a product from Pet Wellbeing was in 2021 when one of our young cats, Mr. Mau, was diagnosed with CKD (chronic/inherited kidney disease). He was about 5 years old. As soon as we started the Kidney Support Gold on him, his kidney values stabilized, and it gave him a more comfortable, manageable way to live with this condition. 

      Just a few months later a friend/supporter of our organization nominated Rosegate Furever Home to Pet Wellbeing, and I got an email from them, offering to share additional products. I said yes, and a few days later we received a box full of health supplements from Pet Wellbeing. We started using the product Itch Support Gold on one of our rescue dogs, Millie, who was rescued from the street. She suffered from a very bad skin condition and was itchy and quite miserable. She was diagnosed with demodectic mange. We started using the Itch product in her diet and the result was amazing.


     We also have a 5-year-old ginger male cat Kahili, who has a gum condition. When brushing his teeth once a week I noticed redness on his gum line. The vet said it was tartar buildup and would have to be removed in the near future. I started using the Healthy Gums product on him, and his gums improved dramatically. (It must be a good flavor because Kahili didn’t mind my doing the treatment!) His gums definitely improved, and the redness was reduced dramatically. 

 We have a 7-year-old Russian Blue female cat named Lucy, who did not have a good appetite. As soon as I started the Ultimate Probiotic 9 Strains and the SPARK, her appetite improved (as did her mood!). 

     We use the Stress Gold and the Old FRIEND, Agile Joints on some of the older pets here since some of them have some anxiety and aging achy joint issues. We were happy to see them doing so much better with the supplements. We give SPARK, Core Immune CARE, and the Probiotic to all of our pets. They are happy, healthy, and truly living their best life! 

     We are so thankful to Pet Wellbeing for their excellent supplements, remedies, and generosity. We would choose to use their products over any harsh medicine for the pets under our care. We highly recommend their products, and truly appreciate the range of medical conditions addressed.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

That time of a year again - GiveMN - Give to the Max 2021

 That time of a year again

Give to the Max Day is returning on Thursday, November 18, 2021, and Early Giving begins Monday, November 1. BUT you can make your donation count now as part of the Early Giving period! Simply visit: any time between now and November 18! All gifts made during the Early Giving period are also eligible for daily $500 Early Giving Golden Tickets, and a $10,000 Super-Sized Golden Ticket drawn at midnight as soon as GTMD21 is over.
Give to the Max exists because of tens of thousands of generous Minnesotans like you. On behalf of the Rosegate Furever Home, we look forward to your support as we work together to raise millions of dollars for Minnesota communities this year!
Can't wait to make a difference? Visit any day of the year and search for the causes that mean the most to you.

Monday, May 31, 2021

Rest in Peace Sweet Mr. Mau

Yesterday was an okay day with Mr. Mau. We took a nice walk in the yard/garden and he enjoyed it very much. Since he was weak from not eating for some time, we were just sitting together outside in the big chair. Last night he went to sleep under my bed but still used the litterbox upstairs.

This morning (Sunday, May 30, 2021) he was still there sleeping, so, me and the cats layed down on the carpet with him, making sure he was okay and comfortable. After a couple hours of sleep, he came out and I noticed that he was wobbly and could not walk further. He peed on the floor. He cried and that sound made me hurt so much. Then he had another nap and after I took him outside to what he still loved. He enjoyed it for a while but then got restless because he was not able to walk and probably had pain.

My husband was working and I was left without a car. Our local vet was closed since it was Sunday. We called their other location (30+ miles away) since they had an emergency service. I called my husband to come home so we can take Mr. Mau for emergency euthanasia. I knew it will be better for Mau if we could help him over the Rainbow Bridge.

Mr. Mau came to us in August 2018. He was skinny and infested with multiple parasites. We gave him a forever home and he was a happy cat. He loved everyone and everyone loved him.
He was no trouble at all but was then diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease in January 29 2021, stage 2. His condition stabilized after a few months and giving us hope but then his numbers went up way too high. He was refusing to eat the special dietary food after a few days but we kept up with supplements and other medicines that we hoped would manage his condition. At least for a while. He lost half of his body weight and he was down to about 8 lbs. This all came to pass in a short amount of time and has broken my heart. We had such little time together.
He was one of our best kitties and radiated love.

I hope that all the pets he knew are awaiting him on the other side of The Rainbow Bridge. Rest in Peace sweet little baby.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

When you have to be a nurse, not just being a fur-mommy...


With a long lifespan comes complications that are a normal part of life. Things break down. For some, things break more than for others. This is true for people just as much as it is for cats. A dislocated hip, pancreatitis, dental disease, kidney disease, arthritis, basal cell cancer, anemia, ataxia... etc... 

For Mr. Mau with CKD, one of the things that has eased the complications and given him resilience is our giving him subcutaneous fluids 100 mL every other days. He hates the needles but he's a good kitty and he knew that I am helping him. 

     Fluid therapy is one of the most common medical treatments cats receive. The purposes of fluid therapy are to increase blood volume (dehydration or hypovolemia), change the content of the blood (such as electrolyte, metabolic and acid disorders), change the distribution, increase excretion. The body keeps water levels in check by homeostasis. If there is an excess of water, the kidneys flush it out of the body via the urine, if there is too little water in the body, the kidneys concentrate the urine and the brain sends a signal to drink more water.


This involves lifting a tent of loose skin at the back of the neck and injecting the fluid into the area. It may be necessary for pet owners to give a cat subcutaneous fluids at home. A lump of fluid may occur after administration, but this will gradually spread throughout the body. If your veterinarian has recommended giving your cat subcutaneous fluids at
home, he or a veterinary nurse will demonstrate how to safely do this.

My heart hurts for all of you going through this. Hang in there...

Somewhere over the Rainbow... Honor for a CKD kitty Roscoe

After Mr. Mau was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, I've joined a group here on Facebook called: I Have a Cat with Kidney Disease and Feline Chronic Kidney Disease. Sure, I was and still learning a lot from people who are dealing with the same condition with their loving kitties.

Not long ago a handsome orange cat called Roscoe just crossed the Rainbow Bridge and his momma was offering some special K/D food for the cats in this group. Since Mr. Mau became so picky eater, I sent her a message, that I would more then be happy to take Roscoe's donation and give it a try with Mr. Mau. Special renal food for cats are very expensive and our vet gave Mau a few samples. Much our delight, he loved them.

Shortly after Roscoe crossed the Bridge, two packages and a very thoughtful card arrived from Roscoe's mommy. I would like to share this kindness and generosity to honor to this sweet elder gentleman, Roscoe.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Rosegate is Small with Big Heart

It has been three years (est.2018) that Rosegate has opened their door for dogs and cats officially on paper but we have done this work humbly for decades previously. We always have had animals in our life and will continue to do as long as we are able to care for them. Many of you may be wondering why we are so different. Why do we not adopt out our animals that have wandered into our lives, into our home and into our hearts? Or even why we don't have events or attempt huge fundraisers? Why do we seem to have a small family of animals?... Well, they are here for good that's why. They are now family. They are not products to be bought and sold or barred away with price tags.

In all humility, we did have a different dream. We are living in a small farm house but had hopes of expanding Rosegate and providing more space for the wayward animals. Circumstances have not allowed that path to be taken. So we are providing a quality of life for those we can over quantity of animals than anything else.

Rosegate decided not to reach out to the local community, since it is a very personal environment. The peaceful home life is what we have been able to give to these fortunate few. I don't have a big mouth to beg people for donation and I am an introvert who prefers calm environment, limit social engagements and enbracing a greater than average solitude and would love to keep it that way. We do have loyal supporters nearly all in the US states and Internationally. You are all matters and we are so greatful that you are value our work. I also very happy that I am able to make some arts and crafts and they are all proceeds to Rosegate Furever Home. I could of have an expensive vacation(s) by now, but I chose to care for the animals that needed us. Dealing with some health issues and loss of pets are not easy and always expensive, but something is making me to keep going... In the progress, I do learning a lot, like recently with Mr. Mau learn how to give a Subcutaneous Fluids daily or every other days, giving B12 shots and making sure to provide a special kidney diet to keep the progress slowing down and keep him happy and comfortable. Learned to reducing dry food to all the cats now and giving them more wet foods instead. With Tommy, I had to learn alot about the Squamous Cell Carcinoma, with GiGi I had to learn about Lyme disease, with Rosie I learned alot about Vestibular disease. Queen Cecilia was the luckiest cat so far, she was just slipped away in her dream with a minimal discomfort in the last few days of her life. There's something special about Rosegate Furever Home... and that makes us being different and valuable. To those kind souls who have become our friends of furry critter, thank you and please stay. We will continue to update the situation and keep the purr love flowing.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

My Dear Human


My dear human,

I see that you are crying, for it is my moment to leave. Don't cry, please. I want to explain some things to you.

You're sad because I left, but I'm glad I met you.
How many dogs like me die daily without meeting someone special like you?
I know it saddens you my departure, but I had to go now.
I want to ask you not to blame yourself for anything. I heard you sobbing that you should have done something else for me. Don't say that, you've done a lot for me! Without you I would have known nothing of the beauty I carry with me today.
You must know that we animals live the present intensely and we are very wise: we enjoy every little thing every day, and forget the bad past quickly. Our lives begin when we know love, the same love you gave me, my angel without wings and two legs.
Know that even if you find an animal that is seriously injured, and that you only have a little bit of time in this world, you provide a huge service by accompanying you in your final transition.
None of us likes to be alone, except when we realize it's time to leave.
Maybe for you it's not so important that one of you is next to us caressing us and holding our paw, helps us go in peace.
No more crying, please. I'll be happy. I have in memory the name you gave me, the warmth of your house that in this time became mine. I take the sound of your voice talking to me, even though I don't always understand what you were saying to me.
I carry in my heart every caress you gave me.
Everything you did was very valuable to me and I thank you endlessly, I don't know how to tell you, because I don't speak your language, but surely in my eyes you could see my gratitude.
I'm just gonna ask for two favors. Wash your face and start smiling.
Remember how good we live together these moments, remember the antics I made to cheer you up.
Relive like me all the good we share in this time.
And do not say you will not adopt another animal, because you have suffered a lot from my departure. Without you I would not live the beauties I lived.
Please don't do this! There are many like me waiting for someone like you.
Give them what you gave me, please, they need it just like I needed you.
Don't keep the love you have to give, for fear of suffering.
Follow my advice, cherish the good you share with each of us, recognizing that you are an angel to us animals, and that without people like you our life would be harder than sometimes it is.
Follow your noble task, now it's up to me to be your angel.
I will accompany you in your path and help you help others like me.
I will talk to other animals who are here with me, I will tell you everything you have done for me and I will point and say proudly: "that's my family".
Tonight, when you look at the sky and see a blinking star I want you to know that it's me flashing an eye; warning you that I arrived well and telling you "thank you for the love you gave me".
I say goodbye now not saying " goodbye ", but " see you later ".
There is a special sky for people like you, the sky where we go and life reward us by making us meet there.
I'll be waiting for you!"

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Rest in Peace Dear CeeCee

When I brought her home from a high kill-shelter in November 2000, I promised her that I will take care of her for the rest of her life... CeeCee at age of 20.5 passed away peacefully in November 6 at or around 9:30-10 pm and she is free now. She taught me so much and she always be loved... Read her Story HERE

Early morning in November 6  I requested a prayers on Facebook page and so many people participated. Thank you."Prayers request! Poor old Ceecee (20.5 years old) has decided that it is her time to pass. She is frail, weak and disorientated. She has become incontinent and is refusing food. I gave her a gentle bath and she is now resting. Probably going toward Rainbow Bridge soon."

CeeCee was burried in our Pet's Memorial Garden at sunrise. Rest in Peace and run free sweet soul.