Saturday, April 8, 2017

Tommy's Story - His long battle with Squamous Cell Carcinoma

This Rainbow bonded us together. One of the ends was on our property
the other end was on his old property. We met in the middle...

Moon River
Wider than a mile
I'm crossing' you in style
Some day
Old dream maker
You heart breaker
Wherever you're goin'
I'm goin' your way
Two drifters
Off to see the world
There's such a lot of world
To see
We're after the same
Rainbow's end
Waitin' round the bend
My huckleberry friend
Moon River
and me...

It's very hard for me to start writing a story about Tommy. He came to my life when I most needed him, just as I wished for. At the time, we lived in Hawai'i and sometimes we saw an orange cat sneaking around our yard and watching us from a distance. I always wished for an Orange Tabby. So we decided to investigate where this cat was coming from. Across the street, there was a beautiful foreclosed cabin that looked over South Point on the Big Island of Hawai'i. It was a nursery back then and Tommy grew up there. Suddenly I heard a kitty meow, but we could not see it. I meowed back and he responded right away. Finally, I had a little glimpse of him and we fell in love right away. I loved his voice and cute face from the bush. We ran back to our house and bought back with us some cat food. Later on, we found out that his name is Tommy and the owners had trouble taking him with them or Tommy was refuse to go. We fed Tommy 2-3 times daily. One day he decided to come to our property and see where these nice people were getting this yummy food from. From then on he stayed with us. He was such a loving cat, just like any ginger typically is. He was so skinny that who knows what he had to do to eat to survive.

In just a few days Tommy became comfortable with our dog Rosie and our indoor cat CeeCee. He gained weight and became happy being loved again.

Since we had Tommy, he always had something of concern with his nose. We thought that during his need to survive, he may have gotten into some fights or just a simple scratch from birds or rodents..... The tiny wounds came and went, so we did not take them seriously.

In 2012, we moved to the mainland and he injured his nose while he was traveling in his kennel. At this time he scraped a very deep wound but it healed again nicely.

Two years later we started to be suspicious about the wound. He hated to go to the vet and we worried about another self-inflicted wound so we held off taking him there and hoped we were not being hypochondriacs. It was a big mistake as we have come to know now years later. When we finally relented and after exams, blood tests, and smear samples told us it was not too bad (but actually learned years later it was already too late). We did not know then so we followed the vet's advice and medicine prescription. I had also joined some social media groups earlier about Animal Communicators and Animal Reiki in an attempt to find out what is going on when his behavior first changed.

Here is some post to our friends in the group:

June 15, 2016
We had a big day today. Finally was able to take Tommy to the vet. His nasal problem got worse. Blood tests and Cytology with stain have been done. So far not any signs of cancer. He's allergic to something and was not able to heal because when his immune system went into effect, it produced what the vet calls a 'Rodent Lesion' (nothing to do with rodents) and that is common to the upper lip/nasal region. not every cat with allergies gets this, just poor Tommy's luck. He's on medications right now.

The young, inexperienced vet ruled-out: Squamous Cell Carcinoma in her diagnosis.
We had been happy that Tommy had no cancer. However, his poor nose had become swollen and a soar had started on his upper lip. As we did not know any better and instead of having a second opinion, we started to administer the medicines she prescribed for him. She gave Tommy antibiotics, allergy pills, and a very low dose of steroids. None of these medicines helped him. We also started a holistic approach as well.

Tommy's photo on the day of his vet's visit. He had a very obvious spot on his nose and lip.

Our Facebook friends gave us so much support and I updated them about Tommy's condition every once in a while. They continuously gave Tommy Reiki Healing and Prayers. They gave us advice. I even knitted him a "Healing Blanket" with all natural Alpaca Yarns. Tommy's friend has charged the blanket with healing energies. I used Manuka Honey, Colloidal Silver, Cell Foods, Dragon Blood, Coconut oil, Turmeric Paste, etc. Nothing seemed to help him for too long. We started to get worried and in our desperation were able to secure a small quantity of an experimental new cancer drug that has been approved for limited human trials. We had so much hope that the miraculous results others achieved would help him and cure him.

At the beginning of giving Tommy this medicine, it was promising. We had started to see new,
healthy tissue growth and his behavior got much better.
He loved Audrey Hepburn singing the Moon River. It was relaxing for his healing.

Lucy helped him a lot to be comfortable.

But unfortunately, it was just temporary. As the wound did not seem to heal but only got bigger while starting to spread more on his nose and now, both sides of his whisker areas, we had to accept that Tommy is not getting better. I was scared to put him down and still tried everything possible to save him. So I started buying expensive supplements; Green Micro-Algae Superfood, Probiotics, Super desperation. Then his face developed a strange black secretion and he started balding, at that point we knew that Tommy has dying. He weighed 14 lbs. and then lost half and was down to only 7 lbs. He became skinny and weak. We took him to another vet... This vet recommended either putting him down or putting him on a high dose of steroids. I choose the high dose of steroid and we scheduled his euthanasia a week from that day.

His whole face cleared up with a high dose of steroid and with Bio-Preparation F3 which is Green Micro Algae Superfood.

Here is one of our posts to Tommy's friends on the Facebook groups:

December 14, 2016
Dear friends of Tommy.
His condition is digressing. We have refrained from posting his physical appearance out of courtesy. Under these circumstances, he has been to another veterinary doctor who is very pragmatic.
She stated a Squamous Cell Carcinoma. It is very advanced and voraciously active. We have about a week to make peace with him and help him to find his own peace before the transition through the veil between our two worlds. On behalf of
Tommy and ourselves... and the other pets he lives with, thank you all for your love and support. It seems to have been a comfort to all concerned.
Please consider this potential last week to continue the support in a way that would now encourage acceptance and peace with moving to the next realm of existence for him.
His courage and indomitable will to fight have been a marvel and at times his way to show love and support for his family but gently needs to be encouraged as unnecessary at this point. His spirit and energy can be used for his journey.
Thank you with all sincerity and love.
Blessings are upon thee and thine.

Our friends on Facebook were very supportive and they ALL loved Tommy. They scheduled a candle lite ceremony, so to give Tommy a peaceful preparation. During the Candle-Lite Ceremony, Tommy had beautiful dreams while he was resting beside me. He was running, jumping, eating, licking, and making cute noises. At that time I had two dreams about Tommy that he was running away from euthanasia. Since I was a little girl, I believed in animal communication and this was something urging me as a message to consider.

December 20, 2016

To all the friends of Tommy!
Last Wednesday, we took Tommy to the vet, and they gave us the option to either be euthanized or try administering a high dose of steroids. I chose the steroids as a last-ditch option. The vet said to tell them immediately if Tommy is improving or not responding to it. Well, 5-6 days ago he showed some improvement. He is more alert tracking movement with his vision and hearing and his eyes are clear and focused. He is using the scratching pole
...that he had abandoned for many months and yesterday he has started jumping up onto my high bed. He purred for a long time while I was massaging him. The black stuff, scabs, necrotic tissue, etc.. .started to come off easily from his nose area. My husband called the vet yesterday and they were very happy to hear of his dramatic improvement.
They felt that Tommy's euthanasia (which was scheduled for tomorrow) could be postponed until a further time when needed. A few days before my hubby called the vet, I felt an urge, a voice inside of me to save him from euthanasia. I told this to Jeannie, Tommy's animal communicator and she connected with him. She did another full healing session and she said that "he is actually feeling a lot better than I thought"... I know it may sound like selfish love but I also had two dreams that he was running away from euthanasia. I am still giving him supplements and increasing the micro-algae (f3) as well since it said we could in severe cases. He is also moving around more than he did in the last 6 months and is stretching his atrophied muscles. He's not in pain that I can tell and Jeannie concurred. He is as comfortable and content as can be given the circumstances. We have put euthanasia on hold. Please continue your love and prayers for Tommy. We believe that the Power of Love could make a difference and potentially a miracle. I and my husband would like to send a small gift to you in gratitude for your continued support. Tommy wishes it to be something that you would consider a little treasure from him. Please send us your name and shipping address.
I will continue to keep you updated as always on Tommy and his journey.
Many Blessings and Happy Holidays,

Everyone had been amazed and we all had hope. We had been very happy with the progress and could tell even his emotional well-being was better. I then asked him how can we thank all his friends and supporters? While meditating on this he was beside me, comforting me and I fell into sleep. In this vision of dreams, I saw all these candles floating on a lake which reminded me of Hawai'i and when we had been to an Obon festival. The Japanese festival of honoring the dead. Painting that image was an important step and that is how the cover of a card I later made came to be created. Upon awakening from this dream, a short poem had been placed into my mind and I had to write it down. I was sure that poem was from Tommy. My first real communication with him this whole time.

Unfortunately, this happiness only lasted for a few weeks, and then Tommy started feeling bad again and I started to see and feel that he was not willing to fight anymore. His handsome nose was nearly unrecognizable and his upper lip was disintegrating too. Every time I see a photo of him I have to cry and blame myself that I should have taken it more seriously. Tommy was a fighter. He was my little trooper, my love and everyone loved him in the Animal Communicator group. People called him; Cosmic Cat and Wise Teacher. He changed many people's life and touched their souls. He gave us five more weeks until finally he was ready to go home. He loved cream cheese so much and he knew how much I loved him saying the cutest "nam-nam": sounds while he enjoyed his treat. He was still trying to please me by doing that on his last day.

January 28, 2017
Today January 28th, at 11:11 am Tommy helped to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Dr. Sara Herrlinger DVM came all the way from Minneapolis to help him to go peacefully. Tommy's long battle with cancer is now over... He fought hard each day to be with us for a little longer and we treasured the extra 5 weeks we had with him. Tommy hated going to the vet so I'm glad his last moments were spent peacefully, at home, under his favorite blanket. Thank you ALL for being a part of his journey.

I would give hundreds of rating stars to Dr. Sara Herrlinger if it were possible. Our cat Tommy had a long battle with cancer and neither of our local vets had enough compassion to come help him to pass peacefully in his home and with his family, even though one drove past our street every day to and from her work. As I became desperate to search for someone to help Tommy in his final time, my hope was fading that anyone would come out to our rural location. I did find Blue Skies P.E.H.S and felt they were the people that held compassion but the distance was again too much to ask. In a frantic state, I did ask anyway. Much to my surprise and delight, Dr. Sara replied to my e-mail and said that she would be able to take the trip and visit with us. On January 28 she drove 3-4 hours to arrive here and provide care. I felt her true desire to connect and comfort Tommy, as well as help me during this time of transition. Tommy fought hard each day to be with us a little longer and we were treasured with an extra 5 weeks together. Tommy had no pleasure in going to the vet so I am glad his last moments were spent peacefully, at home. Snug under his favorite blanket, cradled upon my lap, we shared words and thoughts. He slipped away gently and in knowing love. Dr. Sara was an amazing, loving, kind, warm-hearted person and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with letting their beloved pet pass with dignity.
Thank you Blue Skies Pet Euthanasia and Hospice Services

We buried Tommy beside his friend Rosie. We called them the "Orange Balls" who came with us from Hawai'i. We rescued them and gave them a good life. They both died at the age of 14 and they both lived with us for 6 years. Now they are resting side by side as they had been in their life together with us.


Nose Pad Cancer (Squamous Cell Carcinoma) in Cats is a malignant tumor of the squamous epithelial cells. In this case, it is a tumor of the nasal planum or the tissues in the nose pad.

“At first, a skin lesion will appear to be fairly benign, looking like a little scab or maybe a small scratch, and over time it may flake off and the cat’s skin will look normal.
But eventually — perhaps months or a year later — it will reappear.”
Several treatment options are available for lesions that are diagnosed at an early stage,
notes Dr. McEntee. “We can perform surgical removal of the affected portion of a cat’s nose or ears,” she says. “Multiple facial lesions that are less than approximately two millimeters deep can be treated successfully with radiation therapy. Some veterinarians use cryotherapy, which will destroy a lesion by freezing it. And in some cases, directly injecting chemotherapeutic substances into the tumor may be useful. For SCC in the mouth, a combination of surgery and radiation therapy may be successful and result in long-term control, but only if the cancer is detected at an early stage.
However, says Dr. McEntee, when an SCC lesion is more advanced, “We may not be able to control it. We can attempt to do so with a full course of radiation, which will require more than three weeks of treatment. But even this aggressive approach isn’t likely to be successful once the tumor has progressed and has spread internally. This is why it is so important for owners to spot these lesions at an early stage when a tumor is still very treatable.”

Please look for any symptoms:
  • This tumor progress slowly, often starting as a superficial crust and scab
  • Decreased air through the nose (i.e.,  more mouth breathing)
  • Sneezing and reverse sneezing (i.e., sudden, involuntary inward breaths)
  • Nosebleeds (epistaxis)
  • Nasal discharge
  • Swelling of the involved area, including swelling of the eye, loss of sight
  • Facial deformity
  • Excessive tears from eyes (epiphora)
  • Neurological signs (from pressure on the brain) – seizure, disorientation, behavioral changes.
Please, please dear cat lovers, if you notice small spots on your cat's nose, do not
hesitate to take your kitty to the vet. Also please make sure that your vet is experienced and has enough compassion for animals to not put the business before patience and explore all possibilities. Listen to your gut feelings and always get a second opinion. Do not think the good news is good enough and remember to please do it quick. I know now that Tommy was here in our lives and yours to teach us a lesson. He was a brave kitty and his love reached people all over the World.

To recognize Squamous Cell Carcinoma early, you have to make sure that the surface wound did not go deeper than 2mm (millimeter). It could already be too late if the wound goes deeper.
Here's Tommy's example in pictures:

2012, Tommy scraped his nose on the gate of his traveling kennel.
2013, The injury healed well though it aggravated the cancerous mass which began his ordeal.
2014, This cancerous wound healed over but left a crater on his nose. You can notice the nose started to become swollen as cancer created changes to the bridge of the nose. It was already too late but like many of us, we did not take it that seriously. :( His behavior started to change. He was trying to tell us that something was wrong... Please be alert and save your cat!
Squamous Cell Cancer IS Dangerous!
Please click HERE to read more about it.




Rest in Peace Sweet Tommy Boy! We ALL Love You so Much!

"Oh no! I am so sorry to hear this. Tommy has always been a true role model of strength and determination.. never giving up. Much of that is due to your unconditional love until the very end. RIP dear Tommy.. we will never forget the lessons you have taught all of us here on earth.. and we know you will continue to do so for eternity"

"Oh Tommy, my sweet boy! My heart is broken I know that this was coming but it's not easier. You and I never met but it was like we were old friends, kindred souls. Through you, I met a wonderful woman, your mommy! Such love and dedication. You brought so many people together, and so many were touched by you. Can I explain exactly why you are so special? Love can't be explained. You are going to a place where there is no pain and I know you have a task to do there also. But can I ask you one thing? If you have some extra time please come and visit me! I will NEVER forget you. LOVE you always big boy. Ah, Tommy must feel all that love. It's overwhelming.! Never saw THAT much LOVE. "

"Though I try to cope with the loving kindest mantra, I still struggle with the reality of his passing, and that hollow space in my heart...however, each time I repeat the mantra, I feel better, for I feel his love and stay connected with him...I guess we have to learn to stay connected in different ways now, no more physical to physical...but physical-to-soul connection...and if we allow ourselves to feel happy with the way we connect with each other in different forms now, we will be fine..."

"Oh Katalin, I am sending so much love to you, Tommy, and your family. You are an amazing woman and love conduit for your precious love, Tommy. Forever in our hearts...."

"You have done more for Tommy than what most people would do for their own kids. Take peace in knowing you did all you could, and please give him my blessings from Hawaii. I am sure he knows he is loved."

"Oh, Katalin I feel so bad hearing this. I know how very hard you have tried to help Tommy, and I am sure he knows also, and he knows how very much you love him. I never knew Tommy but I felt love for him, and for you. I am so sorry that things are not turning around. Love and prayers to you and your family."

"You did everything for Tommy even more than some people would do for their fur babies. You researched and found things to help him and made sure he was comfortable throughout his illness. You helped him greatly."

"He was a Master teacher for us all"

"Light will someday split you open....."
Teachings..... channeled from a Cosmic Cat called Tommy: when I received Tommy's paw print button/key chain, and Katalin's card with painting, poem, and Tommy's paw prints, I felt an intense wave of pure love wash thru me. I was weeping, feeling this pure love, I felt it was a direct transmission of Divine Love, from Tommy in Spirit, delivered thru his paw print! . I felt as tho he reached his paw thru the veils and touched me with such Love. He shows me, that I too, can actually reach thru dimensions, that this incredible ability is now within my here-and-now capacity. when I feel in my Heart the profound calm-ness, peace, trust, and heart-full experience of divine Love, it returns with me into this world, the Love is imprinted/downloaded into my Heart and E-motional body, and expressed thru me. in this way, the 'here and now world' is expanded into the finer frequencies/dimensions of Love. What a clever, multi-dimensional Be-ing and Bringer of Light, is Tommy, he channels his messages thru you, Katalin,,, and I am now initiated into this very real capacity of consciously reaching thru dimensions, omgosh,,, wow, Tommy,, you are really Rocking the Cosmos! I so look forward to more of your Cosmic Teachings, with all my love and gratitude, from" -

"Our Hearts are With You Tommy and Katalin I don't usually share my private connection on a separate note, but we have all been following Tommy and we all LOVE him so much, I felt I wanted to share his message this way...I connected to Mr. Tommy and asked if I would be intruding to connect at this time.....I got an okay from spirit.....I then felt Tommy near me...and I saw him place his paw on my cheek...and I began to cry...and I heard ...I am surrounded by amazing love and please tell my momma Kat that she is amazing...and thank her for her total devotion and compassion...He is showing me spirals of the most beautiful lights from the healers as they work with him...and as he came to stand in front of me...his BEAUTIFUL FACE!! Whole and very his beautiful spirit body....with wings from the Angels to prove he is now an Angel boy. I got the sense that although he is sad to go from his Physical life and family...that he is deeply at peace and feeling the love and peace of his "spirit home" Katalin...Tommy showed me a glass vase filled with feathers...I heard he will be leaving feathers for you as a calling card that he is with he says to watch for the pretty feathers momma...his gift to you. He wants all of the "group of animal lovers" he calls us....that he appreciates the kindness and the sharing of love so willingly and so lovingly...he is thankful...His life taught him so much...but mostly how to give and receive love....and he is so thankful. Katalin...He will have some very special messages for you...that he will tell personally to you when you connect with him soon. I thanked him for being our teacher and our friend and told him we all LOVE him very much and pray for his family and support his family for him. I did ask him if he would be joining our special group of crossed-over animal companions and he said ...yes he will always be connected to our group to help other pets and families in I look forward to meeting up with this beautiful soul friend of ours as we continue our soul work to help others 

Run Free Sweet Tommy! We love you Always!


  1. I'm sorry for the loss of Tommy. I know how painful it is. My cat Ali died through the help of pet euthanasia he is also adopted from non profit shelter (WAGS Pet Adoption) and we've been together for 4 years. Until now, he is still in my heart and I know no one can replace him.

    1. He was a very Special cat, so I had to make his blog a little longer. So sorry for your loss, it's always heartbreaking :(