Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Tommy's Legacy - Reiki Infused Pet Blankets

It all started with Tommys Blanket. Our senior cat Tommy had a Squamous Cell Carcinoma on his nose. He was the best cat I ever had. An Orange Tabby. A loving Big Giant. During the time of his battle, I was searching for the perfect yarn to knit him a blanket that would keep him warm in the cold Minnesota Winter.
I found a yarn called Noro Kureyon. The yarn is 26% Wool, 25% Silk, 25% Alpaca, 12% Kid Mohair and 12% Angora. Harvested in an ethical manner from farmers. All animal fibers that are used in the yarns come from certified organic farms, from international sources such as Australia, the Falkland Islands and South Africa, then hand dyed in Japan.

I simply love working with this yarn. It is self striping and produces an amazing effect. I knew that this was the perfect fiber when I started to knit his blanket. The stunning colors tastefully bled together.

When Tommy's blanket was done, a group of friends in Animal Communicator Group  infused the blanket with Reiki Healing Energy, Love and Lights. The blanket came out so pretty. He loved it a lot. He felt safe, warm and cozy underneath.

After two years of his passing, I decided to make more little blankets like Tommy had. I wanted to call it "Tommy's Legacy".  The little blankets will knit exactly the same way, with the same yarns (variety colors) and they all are going to be infused with Reiki. The healing energies will help another pet, as it helped beautiful Tommy when this was done for him.

All sales will benefit Rosegate RHDC.

Please note: Blankets only recommended for sick and old animals, who needs love, healings and comfort. They are not recommended for dogs that chew.

 The first blanket is for Sale
Infused with Reiki Energy, Love and Light


More beautiful blanket I've made. So you can see these beautiful variety of yarns.
Not all of them available for sale, but you can send me message if you have any interest.

" I meant to you share with you that this blanket is for my cat 'Nila'. She actually had her leg amputated due to a sarcoma and is doing amazingly well. She is the love of my life and I wanted to have a blanket that is beautiful, meaningful and special for when the time comes that she has to cross over, as well as she can enjoy now. Thanks for the wonderful blanket! While I pray we have lots of precious time left, It has helped me to prepare emotionally for her crossing over. Thank you, Tommy! Yes, feel free to share our story. I didn’t imagine I would find special a blanket infused with love. This is so comforting. Recently 'Nila' was also diagnosed with an anal tumor of all things, so things have become challenging. She LOVES her blanket and it has been such a comfort to me to see the beautiful colors and feel that she is Divinely protected and loved no matter what. Feeling exhausted many days as things can get quite messy! There is so much love in the blankets. I feel that my kitty will benefit from this collective love. (few months later) I wanted to share that 'Nila' passed away at home and I was able to wrap her in the blanket before the hospice vet took her away. It was so comforting to see her for that last time with her blanket. Her ashes and blanket were returned to me today. I think it will now be used by my other kitty. Thanks again for the beautiful blanket :) Blessings, Deena"

Thank you for being part of Tommy's Legacy.
Many Blessings!
Katalin from Rosegate Retirement Home for Dogs and Cat

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